With increased content and greater level of assessment introduced, the New GCSE makes it difficult to identify what materials to revise in preparation for the final exam. With this in mind, we have developed periodic assessments to track your progress from start to finish covering the syllabus. These assessments will allow your tutor to develop lesson plans tailored to your need.

Askademia offers group and one-to-one tutoring in the following GCSE Subjects

BiologyChemistryEnglishEnglish LanguageEnglish LiteratureMathsPhysicsScienceSociology


Right from the start, we consistently track your progress using our comprehensive A-level assessment tests designed by our team. This will allow our tutors to develop lesson plans and teaching strategies tailored to your goals. With our Periodic assessments, the often daunting process of preparing for A-level is streamlined into simple steps that will put your mind at ease.

Askademia offers group and one-to-one tutoring in the following A-Level Courses:

BiologyChemistryEnglishEnglish LanguageEnglish LiteratureFurther MathsMathsPhysicsSociology

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Askademia Enrichment Programme - In addition to tutoring, we have developed the Askademia Enrichment Programme (AEP) to engage students with activities outside of the classroom in conjunction with developing their future career aspirations. AEP has two different aspects that form the whole programme;


Askademia has partnered with professionals in a range of industries to mentor and offer professional advice to students. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, your mentors will assist you in areas such as personal statement and C.V writing, provide advice on work experiences, guide you in interview preparations etc. Our mentors will also serve as an additional source of advice for your child.

Ensemble Development

Periodically we will offer taster days, workshops or lectures specifically designed to broaden pupils’ outlook. An example of this is our 'A day in the life...' series which focuses on helping students understand the practicalities of working within a given field. These lectures are delivered by members within the field being explored. Other series will include study skills, CV writing, character development and community outreach.