Comprehensive Assessment

Whatever the level of your child’s learning, we’re here to provide you with tuition that makes a real difference. Our Maths and English assessment tests for primary school pupils take less than hour to complete and break down the results into easy to understand graphs and charts to help you understand your child’s progress. The results of the progress tests will also allow our primary school tutors to create and alter tailored lesson plans to your child’s needs. Our tutors take a personalised and supportive approach to teaching to help your child to develop skills, build confidence and succeed academically.


Rachel S

Rachel strives to stimulate and engage students to master challenging concepts in Biology. She has a natural ability to connect with students of all ages and abilities and help them to approach learning with confidence and finds satisfaction in their academic success.

Child Focused

Because our Maths and English Tuition is in line with the primary school curricula in England, Wales and Scotland, you can rest assured that our tutors will offer the best possible complement to your child’s education. We personalise our approach to tutoring to suit your child; which allows us to support pupils of all abilities whether talented and gifted children, children with special needs or pupils looking for confidence boost. Our Maths and Science Tuition Programme is designed to help your child to develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, spoken language, vocabulary development, maths and numeracy.

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Flexible Learning

Whether one-to-one or group tutoring, you can schedule your child’s tuition sessions in the comfort of your home or at our learning center. Our learning centers are well-equipped with resources to facilitate optimal learning. For our group tutoring sessions, class sizes are between 3 or 4 pupils on average at any given time (we do not timetable more than 6 students in any of our sessions). The small nature of the group sizes allows our tutors to truly focus on the needs of each individual child.

Tutoring Packages